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Not to be picky but……that last picture “Collage”. Great idea, can you just eliminate the white bottom tabs? I think they’re supposed to look like those instant pictures……but can they look like regular pictures with smaller borders?


  1. Great observation. I agree. Picasa creates the collage automagically and chooses the photos psuedo-randomly, so I don’t have much control over that. You could get with the talented people at Google and make that suggestion. Or possibly they have an alternate template somewhere if you find it,email me the link.

    BTW you can right-click and save that collage file.. which is good resolution (~1600px) if you want to make it your desktop background.

    Also: Chrissy, bad grrrl, you made this post with comments NOT enabled, I had to turn it back on so that I or others could comment on your post.

  2. I noticed that comments were “not allowed” by default in the discussion options.

    From now on comments will be set to “allowed” by default on new posts.

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