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Friends and Family are welcome to our upcoming Halloween costume party. Leave the children at home and turn on the creativity because you only get to get your freak on in public, with the attire to match, once a year.

Ckick here for details.

Email RSVP

I’ll be adding more to this thread.. so check back for news, polls, and comments.


Here are a few fun ones. Click and play these if you want. Post your best scores! 🙂

Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.


  1. Melissa & James,

    Thanks for the invite…it sounds like fun! However, that is the day of the Florida vs. Georgia football game and we’ll be in attendance. If it’s OK, we MAY try to stop by for a bit, but I would not count on us as we’ll have company in town and we’ll likely be wiped out by that evening.

    Y’all give us a shout some weekend! The pool is stil warm enough to swim…but probably not for too much longer!!


  2. James/Melissa,

    I can’t make it because I will be in DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon on 29 October. So, even though I would rather be partying my kiester off with everyone I will be trying to get some sleep to make it through the race. In all actuality, I’ll be too nervous to sleep and will be running on adrenaline and Gel shots all day Sunday. 🙂


  3. Melissa & James,

    I am so excited that you guys are having a Halloween party this year. I love Halloween. I will bringing the Jello Shots.

    Melissa Stone

    P.S. Are there going to be any single hot guys there?

  4. Thanks for the invitation! Sure wish we still lived in Jax so we could make it. Let’s see, on the 28th we’ll be learning infant CPR with the other expecting parents in our childbirth class, instead of partying with our friends. I guess parenthood is consuming us already …

  5. I wish I could make it but my wife has me hanging Christmas lights on the house that night…….

  6. Since Tim can’t make it and he will be the life of the party…..I’m afraid I’ll have to bow out….

  7. Steve and Jodi: Definitely try to stop by and bring some family if they are the partying type! 😉

    Mary: Good luck in the Marine Corps Marathon. 🙂 That is awesome! 8)
    Melissa Stone: I’m so glad you are able to help.. you are the best Halloween-party-thrower that I know so we’re glad to have you on the crew.

    Frank and Tina: Thanks for the update. We’ll see you some time soon.. and congratulations again. I dont know about infant-CPR but maybe there will be a lot of mouth to mouth going on that evening! 😳

    CapnMorgan: You can just nip across the street after you finish hanging all the Christmas lights. By that time I’m sure Chandy will have tipped quite a few jello shots so I’m sure she’ll like the lights. 🙄

    Fred: Just show up late…. Tim will proably make a spectacle of himself in the wee hours after hanging all those lights.

    How to make blog smileys.

  8. I am glad that somebody is having a party. I am definitely looking forward to the party. I will be there!!!!!

  9. Looking forward to the party. Should be a lot of fun!

  10. Melissa S., I’ll be there. Shaka.


  11. With the FL-GA game going on that day, there is no way we would make the 7PM start time. But we are planning on stopping by. Now for the costume decision …

  12. Shawn, I’m glad you’re both coming after the game. I expect a few coming 8:30-9:00 in fact we have friends coming in town, going to the game.
    For your costume.. how bout THE T E R M I N A T O R? 😆

  13. Tensia and I are going tailgating at the FL v. GA game too but we’ll make it to the party. No LAME excuses here!! I’d rather just tailgate for part of the game and not go in and watch because there’s no alcohol in the stadium, SUCKS!
    See everyone Sat. night.

  14. Bryce’s evil friends will be there…

  15. Well, I think we are going to make it afterall! Doug is coming as his weekly television show “hero” and I as . . . well, you’ll just have to wait and see . . .

  16. Thanks for all who came to the party. You all brought some delicious food, and creative costumes. Maybe I’ll put up an online poll for best costume. Melissa and I had a great time seeing all of you.

  17. Thanks for having the party Gostages. It was lots of fun! James, post some pics when you get a chance. Later.

  18. Thanks for having the party! We had a great time (well except for all day on the 29th…)

    So, when is the next one?

  19. We have some unreadable phone numbers, call us if ours is any better.

  20. 😈

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