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We had a great turn-out for the party and are glad you could all make it. Melissa and I were impressed by all the creative costumes, and great food. We have compiled some photos of the festivities.

Thank you Pam and Harold, and Gwen for the additional photos. Thanks also to Dave for hijacking my camera.. and taking pictures until the memory card was full. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to enter the photo gallery.

There are some additional photos from Gwen and Harold, and a funny You Tube video here. Thanks again.

Also special thanks for Shawn S. for aiding and abetting with the smashing-mashup of music that played throughout the party. Let me or Shawn know if you want a copy of teh Rox0r playlist and content on DVD/CD.

Leave comments below if you are inclined.


  1. Thanks for taking all the good photos of me. Everyone was very nice to me until the keg ran out.


  2. Awesome Party !!

  3. Scrumptious!

  4. Bryce still owes us some pictures…

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