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Japan is pretty good..
There are some things I love about it and some things that still get on my nerves. 

Things that I love about Japan:

  1. People – The people are vary thoughtful toward each other.  An exmple of this is in traffic where people let each other in and out ot of sideroads.  Another example is at night many Japanese cars have a way to dim the headlights so that they are not too bright for oncoming traffic.  Typically a car will dim thier lights when stationary so as not to cause uncomfortableness to the people that are in front of them.
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    Personality –
  2. Food and Culture – there is a rich diverse culture of food and drink, and the Japanese people enjoy both immensly.
  3. Mechanical redesigns and small improvements – The Japanese have a way of accepting new things from different cultures and then trying to improve upon the original concept.  Sometimes this works out for the best, sometimes not.
  4. The Land – Despite the fact that there are so many people packed onto a few islands that together are barely the size of one US state, the people manage to reserve spaces of beauty scattered amongst the concrete and steel.  Some of my faforites include public and private parks, onsens, shrines, and beaches (what’s left of them).
  5. Trains (being able to get most places by train)
  6. Tips are included
  7. Funny TV and Commercials

Things that get on my nerves: (get those out of the way)

  1. Traffic and Roads – I can ride a bike faster than I can get to most places off base.  Major headaches are the trains crossing the roads, and the dis-organization of roads (with no names).  It will take me 33 minutes to travel 10 miles in the morning.  Many “2-lane” roads are really narrow (even for 1 car)
  2. Houses near train stations (highly desirable) are densely plotted, leaving very little room for beauty.
  3. Trains – It’s a love-hate with trains. the part I don’t like about them is they can get very crowded when going certain places during rush our.  Something I would not want my children to experience.
    If you come home late on a train they stop running abour 11:30-12:00 PM so if you miss it you have to pay and expensive taxi ride or walk home.
  4. Cost of living – Japanes Beer costs $7-8 a sixpack.
    A C0ke costs a minimum of a dollar, many times it’s 150 Yen which is actually more than $1.50.

In summary, I’m still getting used to Japan.. and I expect that I will still be getting used to it when I’m ready to leave but I don’t want to think about that now.. since I’m enjoying it here.  I truly am glad I came out here and I’m thankful the Japanese and the command would have me.  I think the experience for me and my family is one that we will remember fondly of for our entire life.  I am especially proud of my children Lindy and Evan who are adapting so well, and I am excited to see what they take away with them when we return to the states.

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