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Yes this years St Patrick’s Day Fell on a Monday, but that did not stop Saturday and Sunday shenanigans…. (no not that type Chandra). The Flaherty’s and Claytons planned to get together on Sunday and we knew it would be great fun. I’ve been doing a lot better since I started taking hemp oil┬áso I decided to do some celebrating.
Green BeerClick Photo for more photos

The green beer pictured is not bad.. because it is Stella Artois w/ dye… which sports the better taste and the festive hue when compared to other typical green beer variants. Of course there’s always Guinness.

Tim also invited Dana, and Chris who have become part of the annual meet. My friends Garrett, Nicole and her friend Robin also came out to celebrate with us.
It was a beautiful day, so sitting out on the outside veranda was perfect with live riffs from Dave Massey, on Acoustic guitar.
Shannon’s was so popular on Saturday that they were asked by the Gate management to take down some of the planned fenced areas. This was a shame for the many partiers that would-have-been there Sunday, but good for us who have children making the atmosphere much more suited for family.

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Looks interesting.

Will let you know how it works.

Mojo, our home server/workstation is in the final stages of an Extreeme Makeover. Upgraded the case in Late ’05. Upgrading the Motherboard and Processor and Ram in March, was a big leap in the right direction. Now I have just ordered one of the final touches. A nice keyboard made by Logitech, the G15. See picture below. (open the below image in a new browser window)

Logitech G15 Keyboard

Kewl Huh?