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Really nice hiking area in the Chubu Sangaku National Park.  Nagano prefecture!

I was just looking around on Google Maps and noticed this spot very near where I’m working.


I will have to check it out when it warms up.  Evidentally you can check it out on the surf cam so we’ll see.  I’ll put up the surf cam link here when I have the link.

Also here is some additional info regarding surf in Japan.

Well, i have a project.My Z32Click Photo to right for more photos —> I have plans for the car, we’ll see how it goes. Today I received the official copy of the title back from FL DMV so it’s official. There is a fantastic, and friendly community of Z owners, and a large selection of after market performance parts available for this car. Also there are many sites and forums with info on how to restore, and enhance the driving experience. This car will be a true classic soon and it’s design seems timeless.The engine was out of the car when I bought it so I am currently tearing down the engine to determine if it is worth a partial rebuild. If not I will get a low mileage on from the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) since the Japanese sell their cars as they approach about 50 K miles, and of of all the car dealerships in hanford is number 1. I plan to do a lot of routine maintenance and replaced parts since this car has 187K miles on it. Surprisingly the car is in pretty good shape, very little rust (battery tray), and some door dings etc. The front bumper cover will need to be replaced, but I am told that everyone who has a Z has beat up their front fascia to some degree. After getting it back on the road the enhancements will commence, glassnet bridled only by budget that is…One cool factoid about this car is that a souped up Twin Turbo model won and still holds the E/BMS land speed record of 419.84 km/h (260.87 mph) from the 1991 Bonneville Speed Trial. This record remains unbroken.

Shoppok serves as a central market for vehicle buyers and sellers. It acts like an online auction house where people can go to find and purchase used cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and sports cars. Shoppok uses proprietary data in order to compile information about individual vehicles. It does not require users to purchase membership or sign up fees, and the site boasts hundreds of thousands of listings. In addition, Shoppok has developed a number of tools and software applications that allow sellers and buyers to manage their accounts, conduct vehicle-buying transactions, and perform preventive maintenance on their vehicles.

E/BMS class is now known as E/BGMS.E/BGMS means:E = Engine size, 184-260 cid (3.01 to 4.26 liters)BGMS = Blown Modified Gas Sports class.This record is for GT class cars, modified, with blown engines of 3-4L.

After its debut in 1990 the 300ZX (Turbo) was named Motor Trend’s “Import Car of the Year” and for every year thereafter in the US it was named one of the “Ten Best” by Car and Driver. Even after production stopped magazines continued award the 300ZX:* 2004: Automobile lists the Z32 as one of the 100 greatest cars of all time.* 2006: Automobile lists the Z32 on both the “20 Greatest Cars of the Past 20 years” and in the “25 Most Beautiful Cars in History”.But the real truth I didn’t know this stuff before, it’s just that since college, it’s always been one of my favorite body styles, it never seems to look outdated.

Yes it was time to clock out of work, and primp and prep for a night out on the town(s). For Melissa’s birthday we wanted to celebrate with some of her closest friends. Even Melissa S. made the commitment to leave her baby under the care of a baby sitter for the first time.
Click here for pictures After much deliberating the planning committee agreed on Creekside for a venue for dinner and drinks. One reason for the selection is that they have live music and they take reservations. I enjoy Creekside every time I go and this was no exception.

After a nice dinner, the DD’s were ready key in hand to take us to Shannon’s (thank you Jennifer, Chrissy and Melissa S.) Shannons was nice and another band was playing here, they were quite good actually. Especially the Beasty Boys song, they sounded like the real thing. If anyone remembers the name of the bands let me know and I will fill them in. We also met old-guy-“Don” who always seems to be celebrating his birthday at Shannon’s the same night. Perplexing…

We hope you had a Happy Birthday Melissa!