Bithday Celebration

Yes it was time to clock out of work, and primp and prep for a night out on the town(s). For Melissa’s birthday we wanted to celebrate with some of her closest friends. Even Melissa S. made the commitment to leave her baby under the care of a baby sitter for the first time. After much deliberating the planning committee …

Halloween Party Photos

We had a great turn-out for the party and are glad you could all make it. Melissa and I were impressed by all the creative costumes, and great food. We have compiled some photos of the festivities. Thank you Pam and Harold, and Gwen for the additional photos. Thanks also to Dave for hijacking my camera.. and taking pictures until …

Collage pic

Not to be picky but……that last picture “Collage”. Great idea, can you just eliminate the white bottom tabs? I think they’re supposed to look like those instant pictures……but can they look like regular pictures with smaller borders?

Who wants password protected photos?

I created a poll to find out what our preferences are on password protecting our photos of family and friends vacations. Currently you can go to the following link and vote: If you want me to add another choice in the survey post a comment below. The deadline for the poll is 2 weeks but I will probably implement …

New Site !! :-)

Just installed the new site and created a new blog. The plan is to make this the gostage site easier to maintain by everyone. You can Register yourself. Also I have the old archive gallery here. Let me know what you think.